Working paper series

16-01 War Rides a Red Horse: Did Military Conflict Increase around the time of the Black Death?
John Lovett
15-02 Regional and sectoral patterns and determinants of comparative advantage in China
W. Charles Sawyer, Kiril Tochkov, and Wenting Yu
15-01 Postal Efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe
Kiril Tochkov
14-03 Stages of Diversification in Latin America
Don P. Clark and W. Charles Sawyer
14-02 Equity Commitment under Uncertainty: A Hierarchical Model of Real Option Entry Mode Choices
Rossitza B. Wooster, Luisa Blanco, and W. Charles Sawyer
14-01 Latin America in the World Trade Network
Javier A. Reyes and W. Charles Sawyer
13-02 Increasing Organ Donation via Changes in the Default Choice or Allocation Rule
Danyang Li, Zackary B. Hawley and Kurt Schnier
13-01 Social Interaction and Urban Location Decisions
Zackary B. Hawley and Geoffrey K. Turnbull
12-03 The Role of Intra-industry Trade in the World Economy
W. Charles Sawyer and Richard L. Sprinkle
12-02 A Modern Theory of Kuznets' Hypothesis
Maria Sarigiannidou and Theodore Palivos
12-01 Pluralism in Economics
Robert Garnett
11-08 Schools of Thought in the Republic of Social Science
Robert Garnett
11-07 Pluralism, academic freedom, and heterodox economics
Robert Garnett
11-06 Reflexive pedagogy: Disciplinary idioms as resources for teaching
Robert Garnett and Lisa Vanderlinden
11-05 Relative inflation dynamics in EU accession countries from Central and Eastern Europe
Hiranya Nath and Kiril Tochkov
11-04 Contending perspectives, twenty years on: What have our students learned?
Robert Garnett and Andrew Mearman
11-03 Intra-industry trade in Latin America and the Caribbean
Thomas Fullerton, Charles Sawyer, and Richard Sprinkle
11-02 Pluralism in economics education
Robert Garnett and John Reardon
11-01 Big Think: A model for critical inquiry in economics courses
Robert Garnett and KimMarie McGoldrick
10-06 Economic interest behind the 1st Nationalist Movement: 1783
John Lovett
10-05 The US business cycle since 1950: A Post-Keynesian explanation
John T. Harvey
10-04 US business cycles from 1971-2010: A Post-Keynesian explanation
John T. Harvey
10-03 Keynes' business cycle: Animal spirits and crisis
John T. Harvey
10-02 Institutional reforms, EU accession, and bank efficiency in transition economies: Evidence from Bulgaria
Kiril Tochkov and Nikolay Nenovsky
10-01 Modeling financial crises: A schematic approach
John T. Harvey
09-02 Neoliberalism, neoclassicism, and economic welfare
John T. Harvey
09-01 Currency market participants' mental model and the collapse of the dollar, 2001-2008
John T. Harvey
07-01 Securitization of sovereign debt: Corporations as a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism in Britain, 1694-1750
Stephen Quinn
06-01 Teaching Post-Keynesian exchange rate theory
John T. Harvey
05-02 Modeling interest rate parity: A system dynamics approach
John T. Harvey
05-01 Post Keynesian versus Neoclassical explanations of exchange rate movements": A short look at the long run
John T. Harvey
04-01 Capital flows and trade in Mexico: A model of institutional dynamics
John T. Harvey
03-01 Deviation from uncovered interest rate parity: A Post Keynesian explanation
John T. Harvey
02-03 Introducing International Economics to Business Majors
W. Charles Sawyer and Richard Sprinkle
02-02 Teaching the Coase Theorem: Are we getting it right?
Michael Butler and Robert Garnett
02-01 Keynes' chapter twenty-two: A system dynamics model
John T. Harvey
01-03 Finance and capital markets
Stephen Quinn
01-02 The determinants of currency market forecasts: An empirical study
John T. Harvey
01-01 Psychological and institutional forces and the determination of exchange rates
John T. Harvey
99-02 Regional Exchange Rate Indexes for the United States
Clark, D., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
99-01 Latin American Trade Elasticities
Fullerton, T., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
98-02 The Ethics of Antidumping Petitions
Robin, D., Sawyer, W. C.
98-01 El Valor del Dolar “Texano”
Clark, D., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
97-02 Functional Form for United States - Mexico Trade Equations
Fullerton, T., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
97-01 An Examination of US Imports and Exports of Finished Manufactures
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
96-01 The Demand for Imports and Exports in the US: A Survey
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
93-02 Determinants of Offshore Assembly in Developing and Developed Countries
Clark, D., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
93-01 A Comparison of the Demand for Imports and Exports in Japan and the United States
Deyak, T., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
90-01 The Effects of Exchange Rate Changes on Prices and Quantities in U.S. Foreign Trade
Deyak, T., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
89-02 The Extent of Scale Economies in U. S. Foreign Trade
Niroomand, F., Sawyer, W. C.
89-01 Determinants of Industry Participation under Offshore Assembly Provisions in the United States Tariff
Clark, D., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
88-01 EC Enlargement and U.S. Exports: An Analysis of the Trade Effects
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
87-01 Contractionary Effects of Devaluation in Mexico
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
86-02 U.S.-Israel Free Trade Area: The Trade Expansion Effects of the Agreement
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
86-01 The Effects of Mexican Economic Crisis on Trade and Employment in the United States
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
84-01 Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act: Export Expansion Effects
Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.
81-01 E.E.C. Mediterranean Policy and U.S. Trade in Citrus
Gaines, D., Sawyer, W. C., Sprinkle, R.